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This site is designed to show example websites.

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Web pages on this site can be customized in WordPress format. This will allow you to make the example page blend well with your website.

You can decide to open the page in a separate window or open it in the same window. And you can create menus links back to your origional site.

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A Website Related To Web Design That Shows Examples

Today websites get penalized by Google and other search engines when they put a link on their website to a site that is unrelated to their site.  So, we have created this website that focuses on website design and part of that design contains example websites from a range of website designers. The designers can link to a pages on this site, which is a site focused on website design, and show their examples. Then they won’t suffer the expense of putting a link to a site they design that doesn’t have subject mater that is related to web design.

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